Water restrictions

The water supply to Broken Hill and Silverton has been supplied from the Murray River since the end of February 2019 while customers at Menindee are being supplied from Lake Copi Hollow.

Menindee water restrictions – Level 3

Copi Hollow water supply is no longer viable and the town will be supplied potable drinking water via bore water to ensure continued supply. As a licence condition of moving to bore water, and as advised in June 2019, this move triggers Level 3 water restrictions for the town.

Broken Hill and Silverton water restrictions – Level 1

Essential Water’s Customer Council on the 25 June 2019, reviewed water restrictions in conjunction with correspondence from the NSW Water Minister, Melinda Pavey. Ms Pavey registered her concern with the continuing drought, the state’s diminishing water reserves, and the need for Councils to take responsible steps to ensure water security in their region that may mean increased water restrictions and water savings measures.

After reviewing the issues, the Customer Council agreed to:

  • maintain Level 1 water restrictions in the Broken Hill, Menindee, Silverton and Sunset Strip areas
  • change these water restrictions to permit the manual watering of gardens and lawns between the hours 4pm and 10am, to reduce evaporation while ensuring customers were not forced to water in the dark
  • review water restrictions for Menindee and Sunset Strip if the Lake Copi Hollow supply expires. This would then require Menindee to be supplied from the bore, which would trigger Level 3 water restrictions in Menindee and Sunset Strip.

The modified manual watering times commence 27 June 2019.