Water Statistics

The average residential water consumption for 2010/2011 was 212kL per property.
Our average daily water consumption ranges from approx. 10mL / day in winter to 24mL / day in summer.
  • 12 Water Service Tanks
  • 2 Reservoirs (Stephen's Creek Reservoir, Umberumberka Reservoir)
  • 1 Emergency Dam Supply (Imperial Lake)
  • 4 Water Pumping Stations
  • 1 Water Treatment Plant
  • 2 Sewerage Treatment Plants
  • 11 Sewerage Pumping Stations
  • 577 Kilometres of Water and Sewer Mains consisting of:
                        > 218km of Water Reticulation Mains
                        > 100km of Menindee Pipeline
                        > 17km of Stephens Creek Pipeline
                        > 35km of Umberumberka Pipeline

Essential Water has also invested $29 Million to build a new Mica Street Water Treatment Plant.

Download our Annual Average Residential Consumption Fact Sheet (41KB, PDF)