South Waste Water Treatment Plant

Environmental Protection License No: 5067

The South Waste Water Treatment Plant was constructed in the early 1960’s. It is a Trickling Filter Plant, comprising of the following processes:

  • manually raked inlet screens
  • grit removal
  • primary sedimentation
  • trickling filtration
  • secondary sedimentation
  • anaerobic digestion (open untreated tanks).

The Plant treats approximately 1.0 ML per day. 

Catchment Equivalent Population Average Dry Weather Flow (ML/Day) (240 L/capital/day) Peak Dry Weather Flow (ML/day) (480 L/capital/day) Wet Weather Flow (3.6 x PDWF)
South WWTP 4179 1.01 2.01 7.22

Monitoring Data
The following links provide details of monitoring data for South WWTP. Results shall be updated quarterly, in accordance with the Environmental Protection Licence conditions of the facility. 

EPL monitoring data correction log