Drinking Water Policy

Essential Water is an operating division of Essential Energy, with responsibility for providing essential water and sewerage services to families and businesses in Far West NSW.

We are committed to delivering safe, secure, reliable and high quality water and sewerage services to our customers.

Our aim is to incorporate effective water-cycle management into everything we do.

To demonstrate our commitment to a safe and secure water supply, we will:

  • Ensure we meet the needs and expectations of our customers, stakeholders, regulators and employees
  • Comply with relevant legislation, regulations, standards, codes and licences
  • Manage water quality at every point, from the source to the customer
  • Regularly monitor the quality of drinking water to levels that are consistent with the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines
  • Ensure any potential threats to water quality are quickly identified and effectively managed
  • Keep our customers informed of the quality and quantity of their water supply and our water management activities
  • Research and develop ways to continually monitor, report and improve water quality

This policy applies to all employees, agents and contractors of Essential Water and to any person or organisation that acts for or represents it.

Download our Drinking Water Policy