Communication During an Incident

Community notification and communication during a pollution incident or emergency.

To ensure an appropriate response to potential pollution incidents, Essential Water has pollution incident response management plans for the following Environmental Protection Licenced (EPL) facilities:

  • Stephens Creek Reservoir (EPL No. 11274)
  • Imperial Lake Dam (EPL No. 11275)
  • Umberumberka Reservoir (EPL No. 11276)
  • Wills Street Waste Water Treatment Plant (EPL No. 3925)
  • South Waste Water Treatment Plant (EPL No. 5067)

Essential Water has already implemented a risk assessment and mitigation plan to minimise the likelihood of a pollution incident. Planning ahead will also help us to provide a coordinated response to pollution incidents and emergencies.

If a pollution incident or emergency that poses a risk of material harm to the environment or human health does occur, Essential Water will make every effort to notify the community as quickly as possible.

How will Essential Water notify the community if there is a pollution incident or emergency?

Essential Water is committed to notifying affected residents and landholders in the event of a pollution incident.

Notification may include one or a combination of the following methods of communication:

  • Door knocking of affected residents and businesses
  • Letter drops
  • Media releases or warnings delivered through local media
  • Updates and warnings on Essential Water’s website.

In addition to notifying the community during a pollution incident, Essential Water will also notify the following organisations:

How can I notify Essential Water of a pollution incident or emergency?

Members of the public can notify Essential Water of a pollution incident or emergency by phoning our fault and emergency team on 13 20 80 at any time.