Water Saving Tips

Here are some ways you can reduce the amount of water you use in your home and garden:

  • Collect the water that runs through the tap or shower while you wait for the water to get hot and use it to water your plants
  • Fix dripping taps and leaking toilets. Regularly check your dishwasher hoses and replace tap washers
  • Install a water efficient shower head. You’ll save as much as 10 litres of water per minute
  • Operate dishwashers and washing machines when you have a full load. Use the suds saving function on your washing machine if you have it, as it will significantly reduce the amount of water you use
  • Shorten your showers to 5 minutes or less
  • Turn off the tap while you brush your teeth and use a glass of water to rinse. Put some water in the sink to rinse your razor – don’t leave the tap running
  • Aerate your soil and add water crystals to improve water retention
  • Condition your soil and improve its water holding capacity by adding compost and manure to about a spade’s depth. Veggie scraps are great to use in your compost bin and worm farm
  • Consider reducing or replacing your lawn with pavers, groundcover, paths or native plantings
  • Divert your laundry grey water to lawns and gardens
  • Mulch gardens with pine bark, leaves, pebbles, lucerne or straw to reduce evaporation and keep down weeds
  • Reduce your lawn’s water needs by mulch-mowing – set the mower blades at about 5cm, and leave the clippings on the lawn
  • Test the soil with your finger to check if plants need watering. If it’s damp 2cm down, you won’t need to water. For an accurate measure, use a water gauge in the garden bed.

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