Questioning Your Account

If you think your water bill is too high, here are a few things to consider before contacting Essential Water.

  • Check your meter reading and compare it with the current reading on your latest water bill, if you think we have incorrectly read the meter, please contact us for an investigation. Essential Water will investigate your concerns and keep you informed of progress. However these investigations can sometimes be quite lengthy so we appreciate your patience and understanding.

  • A leak can cause an increase in water usage and therefore increased charges.

Some further points to consider;

  • A sudden increase may occur if your old meter has recently been replaced. Over time old meters wear out and under read the water passing through the meter. The new meter servicing your property may be producing a more accurate reading of your water usage.
  • Remember that your bill is usually for approximately three months water usage.

  • We recommend you compare your water consumption over a 12-month period to take into account any seasonal or other effects on your water usage.

  • Be aware that sprinklers or hosepipes use a large amount of water very quickly.

  • We recommend if you are not residing at your property or if you are going on an extended holiday that you secure your external water taps to prevent unauthorised usage of your water.

What to do if you are not satisfied with the solution offered by Essential Water

Developing a solution will be a mutual process between you and Essential Water. If you are not happy with the proposed solution, please let us know so that we can do everything possible to resolve your concerns. This process may involve clarifying issues, providing further explanation, correcting an error or offering a different payment plan.

However, if after giving Essential Water the opportunity to resolve the situation you are still not satisfied, you may choose to contact the Energy and Water Industry Ombudsman NSW (EWON).

EWON can independently review issues relating to the supply of water services, disputed accounts, customer service, restriction and most other matters requiring dispute resolution. EWON can investigate your concerns and try to negotiate a settlement. You can contact EWON by phoning 1800 246 545 or visiting their website EWON’s service is free.

Read more about the Complaints and Dispute Resolution Procedure on the Essential Energy website

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