Water Meter Testing

If you feel your meter is not registering correctly, you can have the meter checked for accuracy. Before you have your meter tested please view our information about questioning your water account, and also about checking for water leaks.

A meter test involves Essential Water visiting your premises and testing the water meter. If the meter is found to be inaccurate by more than 3% Essential Water will replace the meter and provide an appropriate account adjustment. If the meter is found to be accurate a charge will apply.

You can request a meter test a number of ways:

  • Over the phone on 13 23 91.
  • In writing to Essential Water, PO Box 5730, Port Macquarie NSW 2444.
  • Please be aware that water meters very rarely over-record.

Apply to get your meter tested only if you are sure of the following:

  • There is no leak.
  • Your meter reading is correct.
  • Your circumstances have not changed.
  • You do not think you could have used the amount of water billed.

What happens then?

Once we have analysed the test results, we’ll give you a copy. If the meter failed the test, we will not charge the test fee. If the meter failed the test because it was over recording, we’ll amend your bill based on your historical consumption and replace the meter. If the meter has failed the test because it was under recording, we will still refund your test fee and replace the meter, but we will not amend your bill.