Essential Water sewerage systems are designed to transport sewage (wastewater) from residential, commercial and industrial areas.

These systems should not be used for diverting stormwater. Stormwater should be directed away from entering the sewerage system by running downpipes directly into roadside guttering, identified stormwater drains, gardens, lawns or rain water tanks.

Who is responsible for stormwater management?

Property owners are responsible for maintaining the pipes and downpipes on their properties so stormwater does not enter the sewerage system. When stormwater enters the sewerage system it creates additional pressure on the system. This pressure can cause sewage to back up the sewerage system and force open sewer access chambers, which could result in a sewage overflow in backyards as well as overloading the sewage treatment plant.

Sewage overflow is costly to clean up and could cause considerable environmental harm. Even if an overflow doesn’t occur, there are additional costs associated with having the stormwater pumped to Essential Water’s sewage treatment plants for processing.

What can I do?

This brochure provides some advice on common sewerage system problems, what you can do to address these issues and how to manage stormwater.