Infrastructure from the air

What we do

We provide water and sewerage services to approximately 18,000 people in Far West New South Wales (NSW). We deliver a secure water supply to around 10,500 customers in Broken Hill, Menindee, Silverton and Sunset Strip, as well as rural customers. Reliable sewerage services are provided to around 9,700 customers in Broken Hill.

We operate a network of dams, water treatment plants, sewage treatment plants, reservoirs, water and sewage pumping stations, mains and related infrastructure.

Our Broken Hill and Silverton customers are supplied with water from the Murray River, via a pipeline from Wentworth that is owned and operated by WaterNSW. Our Menindee customers are supplied with water from the Darling River.

We are an operating division of Essential Energy – a NSW Government State Owned Corporation.


We offer four types of water services, however not all services are available in all areas. These water services are:

  • Treated Water – Broken Hill and Menindee customers
  • Untreated Water – selected areas of Broken Hill and Menindee, all pipeline customers
  • Chlorinated Water – Silverton and Sunset Strip customers
  • Effluent Water – selected areas of Broken Hill

We provide sewerage services to our Broken Hill customers, although a small number of Broken Hill properties do not have access to sewerage services.

Liquid Trade Waste services are provided to non-residential customers that also have access to sewerage services.

Our services also include plumbing inspections, site inspections, building plan approvals, connections and disconnections.


Our water and sewerage infrastructure includes:

  • 597 km of water and sewer mains
  • 2 water treatment plants
  • 2 reservoirs (Stephens Creek and Umberumberka Creek reservoir)
  • 8 service reservoirs
  • 4 raw rainwater tanks
  • 1 emergency dam supply
  • 3 active water pumping stations
  • 2 sewage treatment plants
  • 11 sewage pumping stations

For more information regarding the services we offer please contact us on 132391.