Sewer odour safe

Media release 14 January 2022 - Essential Water is assuring fellow Broken Hill residents of their commitment to resolving the recent increase in odour from the Wills Street Wastewater Treatment Plant. The company can confirm the occasional odours although unpleasant, are safe.

Specialist crews have been dedicated to the task of increasing usual treatment activities in an effort to reduce the
smell, including having the local Rural Fire Service use their equipment to spray a topical odour neutralizer across
the entire treatment site.

Unfortunately, several factors outside of Essential Water’s control continue. These include large rain events, shipping delays of key equipment. In addition, Essential Water has noticed an increase in commercial trade waste, such as oil, being illegally disposed of down drains.

Essential Water, Head of Water, Ross Berry said, “We would like to reassure our customers that, while we understand the odour is unpleasant, there are no health risks from the odour and that our teams are continually working to resolve the issue.”

Mr Berry said, “We thank the community for their patience whilst we resolve this and can assure our customers that we are treating this as a priority.”

Essential Water would like to remind the community, particularly commercial customers, about the importance of Three P’s – pee, poo and (toilet) paper. Products such as commercial and cooking oils, paper towel, tissues and wet wipes do not break down properly and can contribute to large blockages in our wastewater system.

Essential Water sewerage services are provided to around 9,700 customers in Broken Hill.